The Team


Chefs and Co-Owners Paul Mitchell and Alida Saxon have nearly 40 years of experience in professional kitchens. After working all over America — at 5-star resorts as well as neighborhood bars — their paths crossed in 2012 in the kitchen of an acclaimed Portland, Oregon restaurant. Paul and Alida's friendly demeanor belies their unyielding principles and standards when it comes to food, cooking, and the entire dining experience. 

Paul Mitchell

Paul attended The Restaurant School in Philadelphia in 1995, then went on to work under Jean-Marie LaCroix at the Four Seasons Hotel in Philadelphia. In 1999, Paul set off to work at the Rancho Bernardo Inn/ La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club in San Diego California. 2001 brought him back to Philadelphia to again work under Chef Lacroix at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse. In 2003, Paul headed back out west, this time to Portland Oregon, where he lived for 9 years while working at notable places such as The Heathman Hotel, Meriwether's Restaurant, and Five Spice Seafood and Wine Bar. In 2012, the opportunity to help open The Pass, in Rosemont NJ once again brought Paul back east. Since the closing of The Pass in 2015, Paul has been doing chef consulting in the Stockton/Lambertville area of New Jersey. He is looking forward to a new chapter in his story.


Alida Saxon

Alida had her first restaurant job in junior high, washing dishes after school at a diner in Pittston, PA. Even though she did not attend culinary school, Alida has worked consistently and exclusively in restaurants since that first dish-washing job. She started cooking in high school at a country club in her home town. From there she continued to cook at small, independent restaurants in the Northeastern, PA area. In 2005, Alida decided to relocate to Portland, Oregon to boost her career and maximize her culinary exposure. She worked at many fine establishments in the Portland metro area, including Meriwether's Restaurant, one of the largest independently owned restaurants in the city. In 2013 Alida left Oregon to join Paul and the rest of the crew at The Pass in Rosemont, NJ. Since the closing of The Pass in 2015, Alida has continued to work in and around the area.